02.08.2018 GPS7 Testing in Ronda, Spain

We spent one day testing several different GPS7 devices for customers. GPS7 Duals, singles, with External IMU etc... At the same time we tested our new Engine Management Software for the BMW.

GPS7: All devices worked fine, below is one chart from GPS7 Dual:

All speeds are in sync from all GPS devices, no difference between Wheel and GPS Speeds, no delays.


eTesta BMW MoTeC package testing:

Engine and the software performed well, below is a screenshot from the data:

Most important part is the Engine Efficiency. Above 6000rpm, the engine is performing very well, efficiency is above 100%.

As you know, engine is a airpump. More air it can take in, better...

BMW engine size is 2.3l, so it can ingest 2.3liters of air per cycle. At this point the Engine Efficiency is 100%.

So, more than 100% means that the engine is able to take in more than 2.3l. BMW S14 is not turbo charged, it is naturally aspirated. The "Turbo" effect and over 100% Engine Efficiency is very good and shows how well the Intake and exhaust are working.

So, the BMW's 2.3l engine is actually 2.5l at 7000rpm. Cool.


What comes to lap times, here are the 2 areas where I can make time:

BMW doesn't have a lot of torque so it is important to keep the momentum and revs high.

Acceleration and Braking, long straight:

Braking later and harder would help in this area. Would need better brakes and tires to do that, now using street tires and stock brakes.