2019 Fall Discount Production

Our next production run will be in August 2019 due to vacations and support race events. This is now your opportunity to SAVE BIG on eTesta products. This is an unique offer and will not happen again. There are no limits how many units you can buy.

Note: Offer is valid ONLY for August production units, current retail prices apply for all other orders.

Product Current Retail Aug 2019 offer Savings
GPSL20 399EUR + antenna 279EUR + antenna -30%
GPS7 GLONASS 799EUR + antenna 559EUR + antenna -30%
GPS7 Single 1399EUR + High Gain antenna 979EUR + High Gain antenna -30%
GPS7 Dual 1799EUR +High Gain antenna 1079EUR + High Gain antenna -40%
All MoTeC Products     MoTeC retail -10%

Reserve yours by sending an email to us. Offer expires on 31.7.2019 so hurry up.

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