Complete bikes and harnesses


We can build complete bikes for you to get started with track riding. Bike can be brand new, delivered to us or we can deliver it complete. 

The bike is complete with the logging system you selected and ready for the track. Bikes are built and delivered to you complete, we handle you the keys at Jerez MotoGP track, you suit up put the key to the ignition and ride.Track day is paid and included in the price.
During the test drive day we will make sure the bike is fully functional and to the spec you ordered it. We also teach you how to download the data, how to read it etc…

Available bikes

- Kawasaki ZX-10R/ZX-10RR
- KTM 390
- MV Augusta F3 675
- Yamaha R3
- Yamaha R6
- Yamaha R1

ECU Options

- Kawasaki Racing Kit
- Yamaha YEC
- Mectronik MKE5 (KTM 390)
- Mectronik MKE7 (Yamaha R6 WorldSSP, MV Augusta F3 WorldSSP)
- MoTeC M1 (BSB, ICV).
○ Note: MoTeC Advanced C125 logging is recommended but can be fitted with AIM Mxm.

Logging Systems

- AIM Solo2 DL, MXm, MX10K, EVO5
- MoTeC Basic CDL3 and Advanced C125


- Manufacturer Racing parts
- Ohlins
- Showa (Kawasaki) 


- Stock

Engine Protection

- GP Racing

Dyno Testing

Dyno test will be performed for each bike and functionality will be verified in the dyno Using standard maps from each manufacturer.

This is the easiest and most cost effective way for you to get started with track riding without spending large sums of money.   

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Logging Harnesses

Here are detail how we build our logging harnesses. Example here is a MoTeC C125 logging system fitted to a Yamaha R6. Same harness will work with R3 and R1 as well.


Only wire we use is a high quality, Raychem SPEC55 wire. It is similar to what is used in MotoGP harnesses (SPEC55M) but little larger in diameter. We use 0.15mm (26AWG) wire. 

Wire protection

Wires are protected by using Raychem DR-25 heat shrink. We have found this to be the best overall, wire remains flexible over the years.

Protection from water

Protection against water etc... is done by using Raychem ATUM heat shrink with glue. 

Kapton tape is used under the heat shrink to protect the wires from the glue and to keep the harness serviceable. Wires are looped under the tape to protect from vibration. Service loops are added as well.

Special Connectors

We use protected Ethernet connectors for the data download and even the 2 CAN bus signals are available in the same connector.


Harness is very light and durable, the whole harness weigh only 153gr! And, is very durable and will last the life of your bike.


All eTesta harnesses have Lifetime warranty. We will replace or repair your wiring if there is a problem. Even, if there is an accident.


Now, the best part: Typical logging harnesses like this are under 400EUR, made to your specification. 

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