R1E Project Part1: Finding the bike


You might think that it is be easy to find a motorcycle in a modern world with all of the interwebs and especially in Spain which is full of motorcycles. 

Well, you are wrong. It took a total of one month to find the final bike and in the end I wasn't able to find it from Spain.

My requirements were

Yamaha YZF-R1 RN22 with the Crossplane N519E engine which came to market from model year 2009. The bike had to be either standard road bike or modified track bike.

In Spain there are several sites where you can find used bikes, motos.net, milanuncios etc... I send a total of 15 queries in Spain for different bikes. I got total of 2 replies, both were sold as 2009 bikes. I went to see one in Madrid and ended to be a 2008 bike with N515E engine, not the N519E engine. Other person didn't want to give his home address so I never actually saw it.

Then, I sent total of 10 queries to mobile.de site and got 4 replies. From those, I selected 2 of the most promising ones and finally bought one of them.

Bike is model year 2011 and was modified for track use.

Lessons learned from all this

  • Make sure the bike is the model year you really want. Almost all of the ads stated the first registration year, not the actual model year when it was produced.
  • One thing which is important is the reverse image search since many scams are done by using a picture from internet.
  • Make sure you check the VIN before buying it!
  • Don't waste your time and use motos.net or milanuncios.com here in Spain. I had very good results with mobile.de site.
    Most important rule though: If something sounds to be too good to be true, it propably is. Stay away or proceed with care.


Here is the bike as it was purchased and is our starting point. Model year 2011, 6508 total kms. Thanks Denny for a smooth purchase process.

Yamaha YZF-R1 2011

Next is Part 2: Component locations and ECU adapter.

More pictures available in Yamaha R1E Project Fallery