New! eTesta DAT1 - Motorcycle DataLogger

 Introducing our New Motorcycle DataLogger DAT1. It is easy to install with Plug & Play harness, installation can be done in 30mins, just install the harness, install and plug in the sensors.

DAT1 features

  • Available GPS Types: 50Hz or 20Hz CAN GPS+GLONASS.
  • User upgradeable firmware
  • 50Hz Built-in IMU (Roll, Pitch, Yaw) and Acceleration (X, Y, Z axes) sensors. IMU sensor is 100Hz and also outputs magnetometer values.
  • 1 CAN Bus, 500k or 1MBit
  • Internal SD card data logging in standard CSV text file format. Format is compatible with Datplot, MegaLogViewerHD and other CSV graphing tools. We recommend GEMS Data Analysis Professional, please contact GEMS for the license.
  • Delivered with Professional Plug & Play harness. All you need to do is plug in the sensors. Sensors packages are available separately: Sensor Packages.
  • Potted version available for harsh environments.
  • Records data also from the bikes CAN bus.
  • Device is configured when delivered to work immediately with your sensors, no need to perform any configurations.

Note: DAT1 is not equipped with backup battery due to shipping restrictions. 

DAT1 Specification

  • Operating voltage: 7 - 40V
  • Fusible: Internal 500mA PTC resettable fuse
  • Current Consumption w/o WiFi: 80mA, WiFi full power: 120mA
  • Size: 74 x 45 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 60 grams (Device with all options)
  • Supported Sensors:
    • Front Brake Pressure
    • Rear Brake Pressure
    • Front Suspension travel
    • Rear Suspension travel

Power Pinout

1 2 3 4
0V Ground CAN Lo CAN Hi +12V


We only offer Professional quality MoTeC sensors, these are very well built, easy to install and durable.

150mm Front Suspension sensor
170Bar Front brake pressure sensor


Harness is professional quality harness made out of MIL standard wire, Raychem DR-25 / HTAT tubing, small size JST JWPF connectors.


Example Test Data

This data has been recorded with our development partner Kenny Koskinen and his bike, Yamaha R6. Track is Aragon, Spain. 

Below are two laps, showing RPM, TPS, Wheel Speeds recorded from CAN Bus. Suspension Travel and Brake pressures are from external sensors. GPS speed is from 50Hz GPS. 

 Driving Line

Since DAT1 GPS is 50Hz, it can be used to create accurate driving lines. This accuracy isn't possible with 10Hz GPS, GPS just isn't fast enough to find braking points accurately. Below is a picture with driving lines of 10 laps, color channel is Front Brake Pressure.


Package Contents

  • 16GB SanDisk Class 10 MicroSD Card 
  • Low profile GPS antenna(s).

DAT1 Pricing and Availability

Available 01.05.2019, reserve yours now and save. Introductory price is 999EUR, Plug & Play harness is included in the price and custom made to your specification.
Sensors and High gain GPS antenna are optional. 

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