New! eTesta GPS7 - Advanced CAN GPS

Here is the data without time shift:

Note the difference in GPS speeds.

Next picture is with timeshift, where 10Hz speed output is moved to be 170% earlier compared to eTesta GPS7 speeds.

Other problem is the lag when the vehicle starts to move. There is no way to remove this lag from 10Hz GPS. 

Introducing our latest GPS CAN receiver, GPS7.

GPS7 is now in smaller package and with heartrate, WiFi and more. New devices are now in aluminium casing. 

eTesta GPS7 Dual

Why 50Hz GPS? Read this article first.

GPS7 features

  • GPS7 Dual is now 100Hz.
  • 20Hz CAN GPS+GLONASS version available.
  • 20% smaller size, 40% weight reduction
  • User upgradeable firmware
  • All Models: User configurable GPS speeds, from 10Hz to 50Hz. This is useful in situations where 50Hz GPS isn't suitable and GPS coverage is limited.
  • All Models: User configurable Dynamic Modes, Drag Racing, General racing.
  • Dual Models: Built-in redundancy, can output data even when other GPS is out of coverage. 
  • Dual Models: Best Speed output. GPS can select automatically which GPS has the most reliable speed and this value is reported to the CAN.
  • Dual Models: Combined speed, course and altitude from both GPS's.
  • Optional Heart rate using Bluetooth 4.0 heart belts.

GPS7 Features

  • 100Hz GPS (Dual Version only)
  • 50Hz GPS with 3 Dynamic Modes.
  • All devices equipped now with WiFi as standard
  • 50Hz Built-in IMU (Roll, Pitch, Yaw) and Acceleration (X, Y, Z axes) sensors. IMU sensor is 100Hz and also outputs magnetometer values.
  • GPS7 Dual is equipped with 2, separate 50Hz receivers and can calculate heading and altitude internally. It has a built-in redundancy if one of the GPS's is out of coverage and is able to report the best speed even if one of the GPS's has poor GPS coverage.
  • 1 CAN Bus
  • Optional Heartrate measurement and reporting to CAN.
  • Internal SD card data logging in standard CSV text file format. Format is compatible with Datplot, MegaLogViewerHD and other CSV graphing tools. We recommend GEMS Data Analysis Professional, please contact GEMS for the license.
  • Plug & Play Compatible with MoTeC M800, M1 Systems 1.3 and 1.4, MoTeC Loggers and Displays. 
  • Is being used with Link, Vi-Pec, Bosch, Cosworth etc... ECU's all over the world, not just MoTeC. Also works as standalone.
  • Basic Android Telemetry included for free included (iOS not available as of now). See details below.

Note: GPS7 is not equipped with backup battery due to shipping restrictions. 

Heart rate option Works with any standard Bluetooth Low Energy heart belts and option is a internal HW option in the GPS7. Belt is not included in the price. Device is tested to work with Polar H10 heart belt.

GPS7 Specification

  • Operating voltage: 7 - 40V
  • Fusible: Internal 500mA PTC resettable fuse
  • Current Consumption w/o WiFi: 80mA, WiFi full power: 120mA
  • Intergrated mounting tabs (3) for easy install
  • Size: 74 x 45 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 60 grams (Device with all options)


1 2 3 4
0V Ground CAN Lo CAN Hi +12V


Test Data



Log taken with MoTeC C125 Display Logger (increase the width of your browser window to increase the picture size) (MoTeC i2 Pro)
GPS7 Triple with GLONASS vs MoTeC L10
GPS6 Output vs Wheel speed
GPS7 Output vs Wired Wheel Speed Sensor  (increase the width of your browser window to increase the picture size) (MoTeC i2 Pro)


LapAcc is a feature where a reference lap can be recorded into the GPS device. This recorded lap is then the Reference lap and all laps are referenced to it. Difference in Driving line is reported in Realtime to the Android device.

Below is one example from the data where several laps are being compared, value is distance to reference lap point in meters.

Analysis: GEMS DataAnalysis Pro

Android Application

Application works with any Android phone or tablet and the APK is delivered with the GPS device. APK does not work with the phone's GPS. Generally, these GPS's are not fast enough and the phone has to be set in level for IMU to work properly.

Application is mainly designed to be used as a Realtime driving instruction application where the instructor can observe the driver. It can be also used without an instructor.

Below is a screenshot from the application.

Following data is shown on the screen, starting from the top:

  • GPS type and number of satellites.
  • Marker: Distance to Finish line in meters
  • IMU angles for setting up the GPS 
  • Number of received data packets
  • Best Lap: Best lap time and average speed during the session
  • Current lap
  • Time Difference to Target lap time
  • Speed in kmh with Min, Average and Max during the session
  • Accel: % driver was accelerating during the lap
  • Decel: % driver was decelerating during the lap
  • LapAcc Line accuracy: Driving line accuracy to reference lap with speed difference.
  • Heart rate in bpm and RR Interval in ms
  • Power: Calculated value how well the driver is using the power. Value available for all laps and reseted when the new lap starts.
  • Smooth: Calculated value of how smooth the driver is. Value available for all laps and reseted when the new lap starts.
  • Status of the GPS device and connection.
  • Envelope icon: Data can be sent immediately to the student using this feature. Report includes a Executive summary in html format and a detailed CSV log. Results are available immediately when entering the pits, no need to download anything...
  • In addition, application has menus to set the Target Lap time and start the reflap recording from the device.

iOS application can be made if there is enough interest. Contact us if you are interested.

GPS7 Pricing: Contact US

Package Contents

  • 16GB SanDisk Class 10 MicroSD Card 
  • Low profile GPS antenna(s).


Now, in limited quantities. Contact Us to reserve yours from the next production run. 

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