eTesta High Performance Suspension sensors

We have been searching for substitutes to our current Suspension sensor and we have found them. Sensors come in 2 versions>

  • 9.5mm aluminum casing sensors. Shaft is 3mm and made out of stainless steel.
  • Slightly larger and more economical 13mm version.

Linearity test

We tested our sensor against MoTeC 75mm Slimline sensor. Sensors were connected together and a 300mm gauge was used to measure the movement at 25, 50 and 75mm distances. Data was logged with MoTeC C125 logger.

Test setup



eTesta sensor shows very good linearity while MoTeC sensor has an error of 2mm in average. What is weird is the error in the middle of the range where the error is smaller, see the trace above. MoTeC sensor would give very misleading results and it is almost better not to use it. 

Full Specification

  • 9.5mm or 13mm Aluminum case
  • 3mm Stainless steel shaft
  • Superior accuracy, <0.15%. See above pictures for the accuracy.
  • Maximum temperature 125C, (257F)
  • IP66 Sealing
  • Twin element conductive track delivers low noise output


  • 9.5mm dia, 75mm lenght: 230EUR
  • 13mm dia, 75mm: 210EUR
  • Optional: Installation hardware 15EUR