eTesta Yamaha R1E 2019 Jerez test

eTesta R1E test at Jerez was a mix of good and some not so good. Good was that the bike ran and still runs well. Low point was the small accident at the track. But, these things happen and are part of the sport. Bike suffered minor injuries and the rider is fine. There is a saying that "Anything you can buy with money is cheap", this applies well. Bike parts are cheap but riders health can't be allways bought with money.

So, this is how all went down:

Session 1 was just for braking in the new brake pads and some installation laps. No issues.

Session 2: New Pirelli Diablo SuperBike tires were mounted (THANKS Pirelli) and it was time to pick up the pace. Brakes were bed in and worked well. In fact, new brakes together with new grippy tires was most likely the biggest contributor to our crash. Rider approached corner #15 (Last before front straight) about 6kmh faster than previous lap. He was late on brakes and applied the brake again to slow down. Unfortunately, the front tire locked up and the front tire lost the grip.
Picked up the bike and cleaned out the rocks, bike still started and ran fine. Nothing was bent or broken, THANKS to GB Racing protection parts, just scratched fairing which can be repaired. New record was made during this session, old record time was improved by 1.6s.

Session 3: Session 3 went well, no other issues than coolant temperature was high due to higher ambient and the heat from previous sessions. This is now the next limitation of the bike, standard cooling system's capacity isn't enough anymore to cool down the engine. I will remove the thermostat for the next sessions and look into new, a larger radiator. You might wonder why we are still running the thermostat? Reason was to keep the bike as stock as possible. It still has the catalytic converter.

This is now the end for the Primera edition bike, Second edition is in the planning phase. The target was to take a stock bike and see if it can be fitted with modern, race electronics. This was certainly achieved and more.

Second edition will be in different color, new sponsors, targets. Target is to make a bike which is able to compete in Spanish Championships and be competitive. This with MoTeC obviously but now with racing parts, but keeping the budget under control.

See you in Jerez, we should be there in a month. Next 2 weeks will be busy with other bike projects, more to come about those later. Big announcements are about to come...