eTesta Yamaha R1R

eTesta Yamaha R1E was done while back with good results. Now the bike will be modified to following spec:


  • Stock engine
  • Electronics: eTesta Motorcycle firmware
  • Engine Protection: GP Racing
  • Exhaust: Acrapovic
  • Logging: MoTeC C125
  • Fluids: Motul

Logging system

  • eTesta Professional Motorcycle logging system
  • 64GB of memory

GPS System

  • eTesta GPS8 Pro with following
    • 64GB USB Logging with hot plugging
    • GPS+GLONASS receiver with external antenna
    • Internal IMU
    • Rear wheel temperature measurement


  • Front suspension
  • Rear suspension
  • Front wheel speed
  • Rear wheel speed
  • Front brake pressure

Main difference to Primera Edition is the electronics, firmware and logging systems. Logging is now performed with eTesta GPS8 Pro, data is logged directly to the USB memory stick.

Engine is the same but changes to the exhaust and AIS system has been removed.


The bike was dyno tuned 18.7.2020 and results were ok. We had some issues with starting and were solved by replacing the battery with a Lithium battery. This issue has been there during the whole time and hopefully this is now resolved. Bike starts now well and also the sound of the bike changed.




Above are the switches we are using. One of the unique features is the Engine maps rotary switch. Rider can change the Fuel and timing maps with this for position switch.


Test day at Jerez

Test day was held in Jerez and all went well, take look here.