GPS7 10 hour test

We did a long test for GPS7 today, about 10 hours 33 mins, about 250MB of data from each device. No new issues were found but few improvements. For example, GPS2 Fixtype will be added into the CSV file.

Tested devices
  • GPS7 Internal 50Hz
  • GPS7 Dual 100Hz
Driven route

Malaga to Sevilla and back, 2h 30mins each way.

Speeds from all 3 GPS devices

Speeds from all 3 devices are overlaid here, there are no differencies in speeds. This is the graph from the complete 10hour test.

Below is a zoomed picture with 30mins of data. Again, speeds are the same and the data is in sync.


All 3 GPS's show almost the same amount of satelites during the test: 6.331 for Internal antenna version, 6.612 for Dual GPS1 and 6.615 for Dual GPS2. 


All in all, results are good and there are no resets, all devices recorded the same amount of data, GPS reception is good and comparable between devices.

Best speed algorithm also worked great and is a great feature in the GPS7 Dual.

If you want to learn how the algorithm works, just like etesta in Facebook and we'll send you a secret link...

You can read more about GPS7 here