GPS7 Firmware 2.3

New firmware 2.3 for GPS7 is now available in the Team Drive. It will be the final release with major features.

New major features

  • Telemetry Support
  • Support for displays
  • Adjustable Elevation mask. Read More about Elevation mask here
  • Course difference is now filtered.
  • Threads are monitored and restarted when needed.
  • CAN decoding for Yamaha, Ducati and Aprilia motorcycles.
  • IMU magnetometer values are reported to CAN
  • Magnetic North Pole reporting.
  • Support for 8 x Analog inputs added

Bug fixes

  • GPS1 location is used as the best location when the Environment values. between receivers is equal.
  • Speed filter sample size increased.
  • Course Difference is not updated if speed is less than 10kmh.
  • Runtime feature can be disabled in settings.
  • Log header creation completely rewritten so that new log schemes addition is easier.
  • Thread slice size increased when WiFi is enabled. We have seen some IMU's freezing because of this.
  • Amount of Reflap samples reduced.

+ Several other performance fixes.

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