GPS7 Production process

Step 1: Hardware manufacturing

All GPS7's are made to your specification, casing, cable lenghts can be defined. After PCB is made, all solder joints are visually checked with microscope.


Step 2: Device Configuration

We will work with you to set the device so that it is optimised for your application. GPS values, CAN parameters etc... are set. This way you don't need to configure the device, just plug it in to your vehicle and all works.

Step 3: Device Testing

Your device will go thru thorough testing with your settings and will be tested 3 different times on the road:

  1. Quick test in lab and in the vehicle.
  2. Long vehicle test
  3. Final vehicle test

We know that this is excessive, but this way you don't need to worry if the device works or not.

Step 4: Data review

Data will be sent to you for review prior to shipping. You have a chance to review the data and ask questions. This way you are familiar with the device and know how to read the data etc...

I hope this gave you an idea what is involved when GPS7's are made.

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New firmware and hardware releases

New firmwares are released every 6months. We will always try to make firmwares so that old devices are upgradeable to the latest release. 

New Hardware releases are annouced as soon as we can. At the moment there are no plans to make further releases and GPS7 will live as it is for years to come.