GPS8 Performance Mode

New 4.2 firmware will be available shortly and has a feature called "Performance Mode". System uses the internal controller to calculate several performance values and send those to CAN Bus. Idea is to enable the driver to improve the starts and test launch systems without having the need to stop the test or enter the pits.

System measures following parameters, times are reported in milliseconds:

  • 0 - 20m, 50m, 100m, 125m, 150m, 200m, 225m, 250m.
  • 0 - 30kmh, 60kmh, 100kmh, 150kmh.
  • runMillis timer 
  • runDistance in meters

System is completely automatic and doesn't require any actions from the driver. Nothing has to be set in the settings either. Just floor the accelerator from the stop and the test will terminate after the speed is maxSpeed during the run - 10kmh. 

Results are sent to display immediately and available until the next run starts. New run can be started immediately after the vehicle has been stopped.

Below is an example of a run how the data is logged:

Performance mode is an Optional feature and can be added later to any GPS8 device.

New Functionality

Performance mode has been improved with 2 new features and available in the next Beta firmware.

  • Performance between specific speeds. Performance mode test can now be performed between specific speeds. For example, Start Speed can be 50kmh and end speed 120kmh. In this situation the test will start when 50kmh is reached and ends at 120kmh. Acceleration, m/s/s is sent live during the test duration
  • Start lights. Display lights can be now used to simulate the FIA specified Race starting sequence, only in Performance mode 1. Reaction time is calculated also in ms. False starts are also measured. See below for a log file how it works.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details how the system works or watch the youtube video below... 

We made this video to demonstrate how our performance mode work, FIA Starting lights etc..