GPS8 PRO Series

Below is our planned road map for PRO series devices. These devices are durable and made with MIL spec design goals. MIL spec wiring, Autosport connectors etc...

First product will be GPS8 Tough PRO and followed by GPS8 PRO after the Tough is in production. Tough is water and shock resistant while PRO will be smaller and made out of aluminum with Autosport connectors. Functionality, firmware and hardware will be the same.

GPS8 Tough PRO testing is starting soon, let us know if you are interested to try one out.

Beta testers needed

We are looking for 5 persons interested who could help us to test and develop the device further. You would get the devices with the fixed price of 500EUR/device. Package would include the device, harness, GPS antenna and all possible options like Performance Mode, Real time Suspension analysis, GPSPulse etc... enabled for free. You can use your own sensors or we can supply the sensors with large discount. TEM1 functionality is included but is delivered without the sensor due to limited sensor availability.

Current status

All SW pieces have been integrated into the device and the device works on the bench. Another PCB round is required to move some components to a different location.

Mechanics is made and ok. 

Configuration website is being built.

Beta Timeline

Decisive and final track test was September 5 (Jerez track) and the project will continue. Read More about the Jerez Tests and results. Complete road map for PRO Series is here, Read More...

Contact US if you are interested to participate the test


GPS8 PRO Series is the ultimate GPS from eTesta and has some unique features not available in any other device. It is designed to have all possible features in one package, see the list of features below. Also, ease of use was one criteria. 


Device is equipped with Deutsch Autosport connector. Harness is delivered with the device and all what is needed to connect the sensors. No sensor configuration is needed.

Mechanical construction

Housing is made out of milled aluminum which is anodized and hard coated.

Power requirements

Device can be powered from the power wire by using 7 - 40VDC supply or from normal 5V USB power, battery pack or any other device.

Main Features

PRO: Aluminum, anodized hard coated housing
Tough PRO: Water and shock proof casing, similar to GPS8 Tough.
22-pin Deutsch Autosport AS series connector
Single or Dual GPS receiver

Available GPS receivers: 20Hz GPS+GLONASS or 50Hz GPS

Data outputs: CAN, RS-232 NMEA and USB (Speed 921k)
Logging: Directly to USB disk, sizes up to 128GB are supported. New, USB 3 type disks are supported only (Blue color)
Hot plugging for USB disk: Yes, no rebooting required.
Analog channels: 4. Channel1 = Front suspension, Channel2 = Rear suspension, Channel3 = Front brake pressure, Channel 4 = Rear brake pressure.
Sensor wiring: 3-pin miniature Binder.
Logging: CAN, analog, GPS, IMU
Gyro: Yes, up to 2000dps
Acceleration sensor: Yes, 2 to 16G
Performance Mode: Yes, Optional
Lap timing: Yes
16 channel Temperature sensor for rear tire. 64 channels with PRO option. Yes, Optional.
Real time suspension Analysis: Yes, Optional. Read more below.
Cluster emulation for Yamaha: Yes, Optional
Configuration: Thru web interface, no tools required to install. PC, Mac, Linux, all smartphones supported.

Logging system

Data can be logged from the following sources:

  • CAN Bus. ID's are filtered (Up to 1000 CAN id's)
  • Analog sensor channels 
  • IMU
  • Acceleration sensor
  • GPS1
  • GPS2 (if equipped)
  • Calculated GPS Lean
  • TEM1 sensor

In addition to this, calculated channels are saved to the disk.

Data is stored to a USB disk and recording starts immediately when the disk is inserted and recognized. Device settings are stored in the disk. This way you can have separate disks for different riders and log different channels.

Light indicates if the data is being recorded and what is the status of the device.

Log file is renamed after the GPS fix is available using the date and time when data was recorded. This makes it easy to find a specific log file. File name also includes the logger serial number.

There is no need to download any data, just remove the USB disk and insert into the PC, Mac or Linux.

File format is open CSV and files can be opened with most logging tools or even using Microsoft Excel.

Real time Suspension Analysis (Patent Pending)

We have put all we have learned from our Python analysis tool into the GPS8 Pro. Device analyzes the suspension in real time while riding and gives you values how to adjust the suspension. Result is stored to the memory card and are also sent to CAN bus which allows the mechanic to see the proposed changes on the screen of the bike.

To give good results, lap time has to be within specified limit from the best lap. Only data from these laps are taken into the calculation.

GPS8 PRO series is able to calculate suspension histograms internally and provide a suspension report which can be opened immediately without opening or analyzing any logs. File contains differences against the target set by you.