GPS8 USB Logging

New Beta feature is logging to the USB disc and is available now to all USB Tough Pro models.

Data is logged directly into USB disc and there is no need to convert any data. Just remove the stick and plug it into the PC. Hot swap is supported and logger configuration is in the USB card. This way different pilots can use different logging when needed. 

MoTeC M1 logging and eTesta GPS8 USB Logging

This is from our recent Jerez test, here is RPM logged directly from the ECU (Green) and then the same data was recorded from the M1 CAN bus using eTesta GPS8 (Orange). As you can see there is virtually no difference.

Logging Specification

  • USB Disc max capacity: 64GB
  • USB Connector: Remote installation, 2m wire.
  • Hot swap: Supported
  • File renaming: GPS time and date used when GPS available
  • Driver/Rider specific discs: Supported
  • 64-bit channels: Supported (CAN Bus 32-bit)

Logging Sources

Data can be logged from several sources:

  • CAN Bus
    • Up to 128 CAN messages.
    • CAN ID filtering used by default
    • Silent CAN Mode: Supported
    • Motorola/Intel formats supported
    • Unsigned/Signed channel support
    • 32-bit channels supported natively
    • Bit Mask supported
  • Internal GPS
  • Internal IMU
  • Internal TEM Sensor
  • Calculated channels
  • Suspension Histogram
  • Lap times

Contact us if you want to learn more and try it out.