GPS8 - Next after GPS7

Our new, 8th generation GPS8 CAN and Serial receiver is available now. Use our GPS Configurator to create your system.

GPS8 Dual pictured above

 Some highlights

  • New and faster 600MHz processor
  • CAN and Serial NMEA support
  • SlipAngle in Dual devices
  • Optionally IMU equipped with angles, angle rates.
  • Support for more ECU´s like MaxxECU

Prices starting 599EUR for 20Hz or 50Hz CAN GPS. Serial GPS starting 399EUR.  Choice is yours.

Antenna choices:

Standard low profile 20EUR

High Azimuth Gain 60EUR

See the difference between antennas here, Standard vs High Azimuth Gain Antenna.


Contact us if you want to learn more or use our GPS Configurator to create your system.