GPS8 - Next after GPS7

Our new, 8th generation GPS8 CAN and Serial receiver is available now. It is not just a GPS, it can do many additional things.


 Some highlights

  • NEW: All GPS8 units can be fitted with Optional 16 channel IR Temperature sensor (Up to 2 sensors without IMU). Old units can be fitted with it as well.
  • 3 mechanical designs to choose from depending on the application.
  • Fast 600MHz processor
  • CAN and Optional Serial NMEA support
  • SlipAngle in Dual devices
  • Optionally IMU equipped with angles, angle rates
  • Compatible with any CAN equipped device
  • NMEA RS-232 and 921k USB models are available also
  • Optional Performance Mode is available in CAN models only
  • Optional GPSPulse, simulates the wheel speed sensor to give the ground speed
  • Beta: Optional USB Logging
  • NEW: Standard GPS Lean feature


3 designs are available to choose from based on the use case. Functionality and firmware is the same for all.

  • Standard: for general use where the size is not important.
  • KR: For applications where the size is important like motorcycles.
  • Tough: For applications where resistance for water and impacts is important. Tough is fully water and impact proof. Tough is ideal for water sports and for off-road vehicles.


GPS8 Tough, how tough is it?

Supported features

  Standard KR Tough or Tough PRO
IMU x x x
Dual GPS x   x
TEM Sensor support x x x
USB logging    

Additional GPS Information

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