GPS8KR - More than just GPS

GPS8KR is now ready for shipping. It is not just a simple GPS, it can do so many other tricks as well.

Main differences to other devices

  • All 3 devices in one: GPS, IMU and tire temperature measurement system
  • GPS Antenna is external and cheap to replace
  • Rear wheel sensor is small, simple and cheap, 100EUR
  • CAN network is simple, CAN not needed for rear wheel temperature sensor
  • CAN and Serial NMEA GPS outputs
  • Optional Yamaha dash emulation to enable shifter
  • Performance Mode
  • Fully waterproof and shock proof version is also available.
  • Lifetime Warranty, no questions asked
  • All devices can be replaced to the next model.

GPS8KR is designed mainly for motorcycle use and the size was the main design criteria. 

Typical GPS8KR Setup

GPS8 has following functionality:

  • 20Hz GPS equipped with GPS and GLONASS. 
  • Built-in IMU with roll, pitch rate outputs and accelerometer. IMU has 2000dps resolution. 
  • 16 channel IR Rear wheel temperature measurement sensor, enables you to measure the whole width of the tire with one sensor. 64 channels with optional PRO upgrade.
  • Enables you to replace your dash and still keep the TC and quick shift functionality.
  • Performance Mode for launch tests. Read more about Performance Mode here
  • CAN and Serial GPS outputs. Enables lap timing when used with older MoTeC displays like SDL3/CDL3


  • Operating voltage: 7 - 36VDC
  • Size: 57 x 45 x 26mm
  • Weight: 95gr
  • CAN Speeds: 500kbit/s or 1MBit/s

Test results: Here

Availability: NOW

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