GPSL20/25 SA/HA - 25Hz Plug & Play GPS receiver

Introducing our latest product, GPSL20/25 for all NMEA RS-232 systems like MoTeC, GEMS, Bosch.

Lightweight but still strong, made to anodized aluminum casing. Weatherproof since potted with lifetime warranty (Antenna excluded). Accurate since it supports all modern GPS systems.

Other advantage is that the cheap antenna is separate and the receiver itself can be installed into a safe location.

MoTeC has added additional GPS messages into the latest M1 System released 6/22. Let us know if you want your device to support it and we'll add it free of charge. 

Device can be connected to any voltage between 5 to 32V. This is important so that the GPS can be moved from the sensor voltage line and will not affect other sensors. For example, this has been an issue in WorldSSP 300 series where GPS affected brake pressure sensor readings.


Device is available in two versions:

  • SA: Standard Accuracy, 2m
  • HA: High Accuracy, <1m 

Difference to old GPSL20/25 is that HA device supports both L1 and L5 bands, SA device supports only L1 bands. L5 band provides improved accuracy, is less sensitive for multipath disturbance. L5 band can give <1m accuracy without any SBAS corrections. Other difference is that HA device doesn't have GLONASS support.

Devices use the same construction and devices can be distinguished from the color of the LED.

Below is the result from one of our tests. Test is made on purpose in a very challenging location with high hills around the road.

Multipath test track
Track where the picture was taken. Red = GPSL20 SA, Blue GPSL20HA

For comparison, here is the result against competitor GPS against 2 laps with GPSL20/25HA

Competitor GPS against GPSL20/25 HA. Red = Competitor, Blue HA device, 2 laps.


Accuracy difference: Red = SA (Standard), Blue = HA device (High accuracy)


  GPSL20/25 SA (Standard Accuracy) GPSL20/25 HA (High Accuracy)
Accuracy 2m < 1m
Bands and required antenna L1 L1/L5
Output rates 20Hz-25Hz 20-25Hz
Baud rates

20Hz - 38.4k

25Hz - 230k

20Hz - 38.4k

25Hz - 230k

Operating voltage 5-32V 5-32V
Current consumption (12V)

Searching: 29mA

GPS Fix: 26mA

Searching: 31mA

GPS Fix: 29mA

Led color Yellow Blue
Construction Potted Potted
Material Aluminum, anodized black Aluminum, anodized black
Weight 34gr 34gr
Dimensions 48 x 22 x 16mm 48 x 22 x 16mm
Connector Made to spec Made to spec

Lifetime Warranty

Crash Warranty

(Antenna exluded)

Lifetime Warranty

Crash Warranty

(Antenna exluded)


Available: Now, Contact us to order or for more details, availability and pricing.