BMW M3 E30 1988


This car is now for sale, it is time to pass this car to a new owner and start a new project. This has been our test vehicle for the last 10 years and has served us well.  
Car is road legal in US and was daily driven before moving to Spain






For registrating the car in EU, car would need following to be street legal

  • Instrument cluster
  • Engine of your choice and engine wiring

Pictures, taken (08.2018)

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The hood closes correctly, it is raised to cool the engine. It can get hot here in Spain.

  • VIN: WBSAK0306J2196048
  • Manufactured: July, 1987
  • US Spec
  • Currently in Malaga, Spain.
  • EU Import fees paid.
  • Chassis has 150k kms, engine 12710kms after rebuild to current spec. 

Engine and Engine Management

  • Engine: Original S14, 2.3l. ~300hp.
  • Redline 8500, valve train max 10000.
  • Wiseco pistons, compression ratio 10:1
  • Arrow titanium connecting rods
  • Sequential Injection/Ignition
  • Injector Dynamics ID750 injectors, fuel pressure 5 Bar.
  • IGN-1A ignition coils
  • Knock control
  • Head ported, 300cfm flow
  • 1mm larger intake valves than stock
  • Exhaust valve stock
  • 50mm intake 
  • 50mm DTM exhaust header with O2 sensor bungs for each cylinder.
  • Schrick titanium retainers with 7mm Ferrari lash caps.
  • Schrick 282/292 cams. Original stock cams come with the car.
  • DTM Carbon intake plenum with carbon filter housing (John)
  • Adjustable Intake/Exhaust cam sprockets
  • MLS head gasket
  • Drive by Wire(M3 E92 pedal, S62 servo)

Cooling system

  • Sumitomo radiator
  • ECU Controlled Electronic water pump (Temp, engine load)
  • Meth/water injection controlled by the ECU. (2 years before BMW M4 GTS)


  • Original Getrag 265 transmission
  • Original Differential, 4.10


  • 2disc 5.5" Quarter Master clutch. Organic discs, not metal.
  • Aluminum flywheel with stock starter ring gear
  • Clutch weight with flywheel: 5.5kg
  • Stock master/slave cylinders


  • Front: DTM copy, stock parts available. 
  • Rear: Stock, adjustable camber.
  • Ground Control camber plates with adjustable Koni shocks


  • Front and rear: Stock calibers and discs.
  • Teves MK60 ABS and brake booster/master cylinder from E46 M3.


  • Safety gage is bolted on, not welded and can be removed easily.
  • No rust.
  • Carbon fiber brake cooling ducts
  • Paint: Fair, not perfect.
  • Color: Salmon silver.


  • Original sunroof, still operational
  • Recaro Sportster seats with sliders
  • No back seat
  • Carpet
  • Manual windows


  • Engine Management: MoTeC M130 with eTesta BMW S14 M1 Engine Management software
  • Power distribution: MoTeC PDM30
  • Cluster: MoTeC C125
  • Stock wiring.
  • All lights are functional and stock.
  • Heater and driver controls are still stock and functional thru MoTeC PDM.
  • Electronic steering pump. (Assist varies based on speed, steering angle)
  • Traction control.
  • Launch control.


  • 18" TSW
  • No spacer

External Video

Lap with data, August 2018.

Here is one recent lap with the engine vitals. Unfortunately, the sound didn't work well. See the Foot video, it has the sound.