LAM3 - CAN Enabled Lambda

LAM3 - CAN enabled Wideband O2 device, with OXYGEN measurement


  1. Diesel and 2-stroke applications are also supported due to Oxygen measurement capability
  2. Supports the New, so called co-fired NTK sensor manufactured by NTK. Sensor is more affordable compared to old but provides comparable performance. Sensor is included in the sales package.
  3. Extended measurement range, 0.462 to Lambda 32 (AFR 470, gasoline). Useful for new Direct Injection engines.
  4. Oxygen measurement between -28% – 21%.
  5. CAN equipped, speeds 500kbits or 1Mbits. Custom speeds are available upon request
  6. Sensor Cable length: Made to your specification using MIL grade cable
  7. System is easy to expand and now available for Dyno use
  8. 10-40VDC Operating voltage

LAM3's are Custom Made to Your Specification


LAM3 System can be Extended

System can be easily expanded since it is CAN enabled, just plug in the new devices to the CAN bus and you are ready to go. No programming or wiring changes are required. Also due to CAN, there are no measurement errors due to Analog ground loops.

PC Application

You can record the measurements from multiple LAM3's, monitor the devices, calibrate etc... using the eTesta CAN Programmer running in the PC. Application is free and available for download but an external CAN adapter is needed.
Results are saved to a standard csv file format and can be easily imported to any spreadsheet application to make graphs etc.

There is no programming needed, just plug in the device to the CAN and enter the CAN ID's you want to record.

External Display - WIR1

WIR1 can be used to display the results from multiple LAM3's as shown in the picture below, available for both Dyno or Vehicle use. 



LAM3 Measurement Range

Use LAM3 to balance your cylinders


Here is the first run before cylinders were balanced using LAM3. Car was tuned prior using one sensor located in the collector. This shows significant difference between cylinders.




LAM3 is suitable for Diesel or 2-stroke applications since it can measure the amount of air.

Following picture shows the measurement range and Oxygen measurement. Oxygen is shown in the second channel group. When Lambda is below 1, there is more fuel than oxygen so measurement is negative %. In reverse, when the Lambda is above one, there is more air than fuel, therefore the result is positive %.

Long Idle. LAM3 is accurate

Following picture shows how close the measurements between cylinders.