Motorcycle switches

Our motorcycle switches are made out of highest quality parts, we offer Lifetime Warranty without limits. Switches are milled out of 6061 aluminum and anodized black. Potting is optional.

Switches and wiring can be replaced if needed and spare parts are available separately.


Bodies are made out of 6061 aluminum


Switches are protected with hard coated anodizing.


Contact switches are anodized black and made out of stainless steel.

Button colors: Red, blue, white, yellow, green.

Button types: Raised or domed.

Buttons can be protected with optional silicone covers to be fully protected from water and other fluids.


Wiring is protected with Raychem DR25 high quality heat shrink and grommet is used to protect the wiring.

Wire is high quality Raychem SPEC55 wire, 26AWG (0.15mm2).

Electrical wiring is made to your spec, common ground or separate wires.


We quarantee our switches and give lifetime warranty. We either replace your switches for free or repair. No warranty terms or questions asked, even if the failure was a result of an accident.


2 Buttons

2 buttons

Mechanical drawing

3 Buttons

3 buttons

2 buttons + rotary trim switch

We can also make custom switches to your specification, contact us for details.