MV Agusta F3 675 - More Power...

This is our next project, project is to get more power out from it. Stock power is 133, let see what comes out when finished.


Step 1:

Step 1 of this project is now complete, here's the update.

The owner is reporting that the bike doesn't have the power it should have. At the moment the bike is equipped with an additional RapidBike ECU. Our plan is to remove this ECU and simply tune the original Eldor ECU. Then, we will tune the Individual Cylinder Fueling maps for the best power using eTesta LAM3's for each cylinder. Stock map will be replaced with MV Agusta Corsa race map, O2 sensor will be left to the exhaust but functionality will be disabled.

ECU details are as follows:

OEM ECU: Eldor EM2.0

Rapidbike ECU: Rapidbike Racing

OEM O2 sensor installed: Yes

To be able to tune the maps well, we need to get few parameters from the CAN bus in order to tune the engine. 

Fuel maps have 2 axis: Engine RPM and Engine Load and those are the parameters we need. We used our MV Agusta logging solution to get this data and is shown below.


Update on the MV Agusta project, March 2019

It is no wonder why the bike felt like it didn't have power. Below is a screenshot from the data with the RapidBike installed. Cylinder 2, where the O2 sensor was very lean compared to other cylinders. 

After this, a MV Corsa map was flashed and Rapidbike was removed. O2 sensor was left to the exhaust but disabled in the ECU settings.

Below is the final log, note how close all of the cylinders are now.

Below is one screenshot with higher RPM's, Lambda looks really good now.

Average Lambda between richest and leanest cylinder is now 0.1 LA, even with one overrun period. See below. 


Data above was logged using eTesta Professional Logging solution and eTesta LAM3 wideband lambda devices, one in each cylinder.

Bike is now ready to be tested on the track, we'll update how that went. 

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