NEW! GPSL20 - 20Hz GPS+GLONASS Receiver for MoTeC Systems

Direct replacement for MoTeC L10 10Hz GPS receiver. Just plug it in, no programming needed. With the GPSL20 you get double speed compared to MoTeC L10 and GPS+GLONASS accuracy.

New model GPSL20KR, designed together with WorldSSP Motorcycle racing Team, Kallio Racing. Main difference is the new casing and the lack of any cables, connector is integrated into the casing. The casing is also fitted with mounting holes.



Advantages compared to MoTeC L10

  • 20Hz vs 10Hz output rate.
  • Equipped with GPS+GLONASS, improved positional accuracy
  • Improved speed output performance during accelerations and braking, less delay.
  • Antenna is separate from the receiver. Receiver itself can be protected inside the vehicle. Only replace the cheap antenna.


Refresh Rate 20Hz
Dynamic Mode Automatic
Operating voltage 5V
Interface type RS232
Size 45 x 25 x 16mm
Weight 20grams
Warranty Lietime
Antenna type

Several antennas are available: Normal High Gain and High Azimuth Gain.

Normal: 20EUR

High Gain: 30EUR

High Azimuth Gain: 70EUR 

High Azimuth Gain is useful in Motorcycle applications.


399EUR + VAT


1 2 3 4
0V Ground RS-232 TX Empty +5V 

Available: Now, Contact us to order

HDOP Performance vs MoTeC L10

White = MoTeC L10, Yellow: eTesta GPSL20.

Device data was recorded at the same time with MoTeC C125. MoTeC L10 in RS232-1 and eTesta GPSL20 in RS232-2 serial port.

GPSL20 Average HDOP is 0.79 vs 1.23, so significantly better. (Lower HDOP -> Better accuracy)

Satellites vs MoTeC L10

GPSL20 average number of satellites is 13 vs MoTeC L10's 7. (Higher number of satellites -> Better accuracy)

Speed output delay 

Blue = MoTeC L10, Green = eTesta GPSL20

It is clearly visible that MoTeC L10 output is delayed against GPSL20 especially during accelerations.

Delay is because of a design choice made by MoTeC and there is nothing wrong with L10. It just has a 4sec buffer for the data to give steady speed output without spikes.

Track accuracy

Above is several laps recorded using MoTeC C125 and eTesta GPSL20, color channel is speed. Track is very accurate, no drop outs or error measurements.

Speed vs wheel speed

Above is one lap where you can see the GPSL20 speed output vs Wheel speed sensor. There is no delay, no spikes or drops in the speed against wheel speed. GPS speed is more accurate than wheel speed since the Lean angle will affect Wheel speed.


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