R1E Project Part 2: Component locations and ECU adapter

Below is an illustration where the components will be fitted. We will be using the same sensors as the BSB motorcycles use. 2015- Yamaha R1 IMU will be used to measure the lean angles etc... together with etesta GPS6 Dual GPS receivers.

Two seat sensors will be installed also to measure how the rider weigth moves on the seat. 


ECU Adapter and mounting

Our goal is that the motorcycle can be converted to a new MoTeC ECU (And back to Stock ECU) in few minutes. Stock OEM ECU location will be used with a mounting plate.

Only way to achive this goal is to make a Plug & Play harness or adapter which can be plugged into the existing OEM wiring.

ECU Mounting plate

Plate is made out of 4mm aluminium material and is mounted on the top of the MoTeC ECU. It serves two purposes:

  • Protect the ECU from mechanical shocks as the ECU is in a vulnereable location on the left side fairing..
  • Holds the ECU connectors.


This is where the ECU and adapter will be installed

ECU harness

We want that the harness is very easy to install and can be done without ANY wiring work. CAN and communication harnesses can be separated from the main harness so that the CAN devices can be used with the stock Yamaha R1 electronics. This way GPS6, LAM3 and BIO1 can be used and data can be logged.

OEM ECU has two connectors, both 34 pin but for some reason from different manufactures. Other is JAE and other Tyco Superseal.

Mating connector for the JAE Electronics connector: MX23A34NF1 and for Tyco: 6437288-1. 


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