R1E Project Part 5: Additional devices

Following additional devices will be installed to the bike:

LAM3 Dual

One lambda sensor for each bank to measure the combustion and provide the measurements for the Closed Loop fuel control.

Sensor wires are prutected with the XC-18 sleeving capable of protecting the wires up to 1200C temperatures. More details: etesta LAM3


GPS7 Triple

New eTesta GPS7 Triple will go to the bike for the next test. If has 2x50Hz GPS + GPS+GLONASS receiver, BIO heartrate, all in one box. Read more about GPS7 here 


WiFi router and 3G/4G connectivity: Wireless connectivity is for connecting to the bike wirelessly to download logs and change settings. There is no need to have separate wires for C125 and M130, all is done wirelessly. More details: etesta ROU1


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