R1E Project Final: Before Track tests

Project is now considered 90% done, all parts are installed and functional and bike is complete. I'm extremely proud what has been achieved in such a short time. Planning phase took about 2 months and execution took about 4 months to finish. It hasn't been easy, biggest problem has been the availability of parts here in Spain. 

All of the following was done by me:

- This website
- All photos and videos
- CAD Mechanical part designs
- Wiring loom design and manufacturing
- Livery design
- Sticker production.
- Paint preparation and painting.
- GPS6, LAM3, BIO1 and ROU1 design, production
- Custom M1 dev
- MoTeC tuning

Following was done together with Partners:

- MoTeC dev with MoTeC team. Thanks for MoTeC Europe, Alan, Paul, Peter and Nettie.
- Brake pressure line adapters together with HEL Performance. Thanks Shaun.
- Frame slider design together with GP Racing, UK. Thanks Stef. 
- Advertising: Moto1Pro, Thanks Jorge.
- Dyno services: Motopower1. Thanks Daniel.

Next step is the track, driver will be introduced shortly.

Here's a link to the gallery of photos: eTesta Yamaha R1E Gallery

Here's a video in Finnish, English is below.