R1E Project Part 4: Display, driver controls and sensors

Display MoTeC C125

Display is a standard C125, fully configurable with 3 modes and separate pages.

Pages, modes and display lap time reset is performed from a separate controller. 

Traction control trim setting, Engine Braking settings changes are shown as alarms on the display.

Driver Controls, Clutch side 

Two similar switch panels will be installed to the clutch side. Other switches are for controlling the display pages, reset the laptimes and alarms.  

Front Suspension sensor setup

Front suspension travel is measured with 150mm linear potentiometer and installed with the following bracket which can be installed without removing any suspension parts.

Front suspension sensor bracket 

Suspension sensors arrived last week, 150mm and 75mm lenghts and are available to purchase from our store. These are 12.5mm sensors so rather small and affordable compared to 2D or MoTeC ones.

Below is the sensor installed with the brackets

Rear Suspension sensor setup

Rear suspension sensor is 75mm long version. Sensor is protected with XC-18 sleeve to withstand high temperatures since it is very close to the exhaust pipe. XC-18 sleeving works up to 1200C temperqatures.

Below picture is with the sensor installed.

Gear Position sensor Setup

Quickshift Strain Cell Setup

Brake pressure sensors and hoses

2 x MoTeC Professional pressure sensors are installed, one in front and other in the back. Adapter hose is made by Hel Performance, same official supplier which supplies hoses for BSB.


Front Brake Pressure Sensor Setup

Rear Brake Pressure Sensor Setup

Rear sensor wire is protected with XC-18 sleeve since is close to the exhaust.

IMU Setup 

IMU is from a Yamaha R1 2015 and communicates via CAN Bus with MoTeC M1. IMU communication speed is 500kbits and it can't be changed so this forces us to use this speed with all of the devices connected to the CAN. I could use the free CAN bus in the MoTeC C125 but this is good enough considering the amount of device connected to the CAN.

IMU is installed as in 2015 R1, below the seat.

IMU Specification:

IMU Model Yamaha R1 2015
CAN Bus speed 500kbits
Data Rate 10ms 

IMU Connections:

+12V R/W


IMU CAN Messages:

Below are the messages sent by the IMU, messages are sent with 10ms intervals.

Seat Sensors: Read this how the sensors work or go back to project main page