R1E Project: Track tests

Test2 at Jerez:

Track test #2 was driven at Jerez, 21.7.2018. In general, all went well.

Objective of the test was to verify that the previous issues were fixed. Also the plan was to test the Traction Control and other systems.

In general, the test went as planned, all systems were activated for the last session and engine had full power. Power was reduced with Grip translation table for the earlier sessions.

Following issue were found during the test:

  • Bike ran out of gas during the second session.
  • Small oil leak from the gear shift position sensor.

Traction control was activated and operated well and as expected. Alvaro said he could feel the rear end stepping out but then recovering.



Test1 at Albacete:

Photo credits: Alvaro Guardia and Moto1Pro magazine. Pilot: Alvaro Guardia.

Track test #1 was done last weekend in Albacete. Good weather, little damp track in the beginning. Main objective was to review that all sensors are reading correct before activating things like Traction Control, Wheelie control and Engine Braking.

Bike was piloted by Alvaro Guardia. He drove total of 19 laps without any issues. First session was 80%, no TC. Second was 90% throttle, no TC. Last session was 95% throttle without TC.

Following issues were found and are now fixed.

  1. IMU installation needs to be revised, Lean angle signal has some noise. Installation bracket was revised.
  2. Fuel mixtures are too rich at part throttle.
  3. Front suspension needs to be harder than now.
  4. Throttle grip needs to be retuned, 104% value was reported.
  5. Front/rear wheel speed difference is too big. Review tyre circumference values.Tyres were changed before the test and the new tire circumference was different than the value programmed into the ECU. 
  6. Seat pressure logging rate is too fast, reduce to 10Hz.
  7. Increase Gear sensor logging rate to 100Hz.
  8. Gear Estimate Ratio needs to be revised.

Here's one snapshot from the data. Lap2, session 3:

Driver data

Engine Data