Remote Support Hourly rate

eTesta is pleased to extend our Remote support offering to include hourly support. We have been performing the Remote Support for several years now with very good results. Our clients include WorldSSP teams like Kallio Racing and several other national level teams in Spain, Italy, USA and Finland etc…

Remote support has proven to be very effective way to solve problem quickly and is very cost effective. No need to travel (If you could..), problems can be many times solved in few minutes.
For example, yesterday we helped a customer to set up several sensors.

Here are some things we can do remotely:
• Help you to install Data logging systems
• Sensor configurations
• CAN network debugging
• GPS systems
• ECU systems, MoTeC, Mectronik WorldSSP ECU, YEC
• Race and Practice data logging support
• Data Analysis

We also have pricing for a full day or the complete weekend, contact us for pricing. 
Contact us if you have a problem, we will try to help. Basic help over email or telephone is free and we speak Finnish, English, Spanish.

All the best for all and stay safe in these challenging times.