Standard GPS antenna vs High Azimuth Gain GPS antenna

The antenna is the most important part in a GPS System and are the "eyes" of the system. It is very common to see very poor antenna installations, especially in Motorcycle racing. It is very common to see antennas installed behind instrument clusters etc... There is no way for the antenna to work well.

There are few very important and basic things to be considered when installing the GPS antenna:

  1. Use a good quality antenna with high Azimuth gain
  2. Make sure the antenna has 360 degree open sky view
  3. GPS Antenna has a proper ground plane and has to be some conductive material like Carbon fiber or metal

We will start with the point #1, the antenna. Taoglass seems to be very popular antenna due to it´s compact size and is commonly used for example in MotoGP. We use it as a low end antenna and is one of the alternatives. It is good one but there are better ones out there. Below is the specification of both antennas. Better values are stated with Bold font.

Parameter Taoglass High Azimuth Gain
Gain 3dBic 5.0dBic
LNA Gain 28dB 34dB
VSWR 2.0 1.5
Size 37x40x10 mm 51x51x18 mm

Below are some long period test results where we compared these 2 antennas

GPS1 antenna in all tests is the High Gain antenna (Light Blue) and GPS2 antenna is the Taoglass standard antenna (Red). Receiver is eTesta GPS8 Dual with GPS+GLONASS.

24h test, 0 degree angle

Duration of the test is 22 hours and is facing up to the sky. 

Test result

Measure High Gain Antenna Standard antenna (Taoglass)
Satellites 11 9
HDOP (Horizontal Accuracy, Lower th better) 1.1 1.4

In Average, High gain antenna received 2 more satellites during the same time period.

This test was actually very easy for the antenna which was facing up. But, what happens when these antennas are installed to Marc Marques´s Honda and when the lean angle is 60degrees?

6 hour test, 60 degree lean angle

Test result

Measure High Gain Antenna Standard antenna (Taoglass)
Satellites 9 7
HDOP (Horizontal Accuracy, Lower the better) 1.2 2.8

The difference between antennas can be seen now quite easily. Notable is how many times the GPS fix has been lost with Standard antenna. Even worse is the change in the HDOP accuracy, the HDOP has doubled with the Standard antenna. The GPS track of the Standard antenna will be off the track in many places or even worse the GPS fix will be lost.

So, the clear winner in this case is the High Gain Antenna, next part will cover the best way how to install the antenna so visit us again. Contact us if you are interested to purchase our High Gain antenna. 

Or, use our GPS Configurator to create your system.