DAV2 Analysis Tool

Suspension Analysis tool has been extended now to support additional features like Braking, Cornering and Acceleration calculations. Because of this the tool has been renamed to DAV2, Data Analysis, V2. Other big feature is that the tool supports CSV files and is compatible with almost all logging tools, be it 2D, AIM, MoTeC.

Note that we do not sell or give the tool out, reports from the tool are available for free to all Remote Support customers without extra charge. 

Examples of what the tool can do

Part1: Traveled distance during cornering

Below is one corner with two different driving lines from separate laps. Corner is the last corner at Alastaro, Finland.

Question:  What is the traveled distance of these two driving lines?

Answer is available in DAV2 report:

Tool calculates every corner automatically, several other parameters are also calculated for these corners based how the vehicle is turned into the corner.

So, the difference between the lines is 11m, table shows both distances and the difference.

How accurate is this measurement? Since we are a GPS company, data is calculated from the exact GPS coordinates, not from the speed. Using the ruler in Google Earth we get a distance of 98.22m, so very close. Error is mostly because it is difficult to measure the path using the ruler in Google Earth.


Part2: Time it took to drive the corner.

Now we know the distance of the corner, but how long it took to drive each line? Again, the answer is in the DAV2 report:

So, orange line took 0.12s longer and is mainly because the bike was turning the longer distance. 

In part 3 we will look into corner entry and exit speeds.

Part3: Corner entry and exit speeds

Below are the corner speeds. Speed change is calculated corner entry speed - exit speed. Test lap exit speed is significantly higher than the ref lap, even though the entry speed was a lot slower. 


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