TEM1 - 16 (or optional 64) channel Infrared Temperature sensor system

New product, 16 channel Infrared measurement system is available for ordering. Unlike other systems out there, TEM1 doesn't require a complicated CAN bus network for all sensors. Sensor is connected to the controller and can be swapped quickly without any programming.

NOTE: TEM1 functionality can be added to any GPS8 GPS receiver as well, even the old ones Contact us for details.

Pictured above is real data from TEM1 logged by MoTeC M130 ECU. (Note that MoTeC i2Pro logging is required to see the Color Graph)


  • CAN bus equipped, compatible with any CAN device which supports 16-bit data channels.
  • MoTeC M1 1.4 system module available for free.
  • Operating voltage: 7 - 36VDC 
  • Device Size: 45 x 55 x 23mm
  • Sensor type: 16 channels, Temperature range: -20 - 300C
  • Sensor wire length: Up to 2m, customizable.
  • Sensor connector type: Binder 709 series
  • Sensor size: 15mm x 30mm cylinder, aluminum and anodized black.
  • Sensor can be swapped without wiring changes, sensor is equipped with a connector.
  • Sensor with 15cm lead is also available with no extra charge.
  • Price for 64channel PRO Option: 200EUR
  • DBC file available for easy setup
  • Lifetime Warranty
TEM1 Dual



All MoTeC

All Bosch

All MaxxECU

+ All CAN devices with 16-bit channel support

Pricing (Valid until 15.4.2020)

TEM1 Standard Single: 299EUR (Sensor included)

TEM1 Standard Dual: 399EUR (Sensors included)

Sensors are available separately, price is 100EUR.

PRO Upgrade (16 x 4 grid): +200EUR. Standard devices can be upgraded later to PRO by firmware update.

Availability: Now.

Contact us for more details... or check our test drive results.

TEM1 functionality can be added to GPS8 as well if you need GPS and IMU.