What's up 2019

We have great plans for 2019, below is a quick video from our "Board" meeting. Take a look at it first and we'll explain things below.

2019 is the year of marketing and expanding our operation. GPS7 is now in very good shape and can be sold in bigger volumes. It will only get minor tweaks from now on. For this reason GPS8 is canceled, it is not needed.

Yamaha R1E project will continue and will be used for Driver trainings and collecting GPS7 data. It will be used to test the upcoming Telemetry which works together with GPS7. Telemetry is currently in Beta testing with selected customers.

BMW Project is a project where our M3 will be restored to original glory or close and will be street legal for EU roads. MoTeC electronics will be renewed and stock wiring will go back to it. 

eTesta week is something which is in planning, more news will come later.