Yamaha R1E Project Parts list

Below are all the parts in the kit. Parts are also available separately or as a kit.


Qty Description Part Number Link/Provider Price EUR

Yamaha R1E Kit, complete with all parts to 

install BSB components below to a

stock Yamaha R1 2009 - 2014 

RE1-0 etesta  

ECU harness

RE1-1 etesta   

Suspension sensor install hardware

Yamaha R1 2009-2014 54mm

  R1E-2  etesta  

 Handlebar switches

5 switches. 2 x mom, 3 x latch

 ETESTA-MOTO-1  etesta  
1 75mm Suspension sensor SENS-2 etesta  
1 150mm Suspension sensor SENS-3 etesta  
1 Gear Force sensor 79104 MoTeC  
1 Front Wheel Speed Sensor SENS-1 etesta  
1 Yamaha R1 2015- IMU 2CR-8593A-00-00 Yamaha  
2 Brake Pressure Sensors 79152 MoTeC  
1 MoTeC C125 Display + Required upgrades 18042,29618,29600 MoTeC  
1 MoTeC M130 ECU + Firmware   MoTeC  
1 Seat sensors R1E-3 etesta  
1 IGN4 Quad Ignition Amplifier 41212 MoTeC  
1 etesta BIO1 BIO1 etesta  
1 etesta LAM3 Dual LAM3 Dual etesta  
1 etesta GPS6 GPS6 Dual etesta  
1 Gear position sensor kit R1E-4-GearPos etesta  
4 Yamaha R1 exhaust gaskets, Original Yamaha R1E-EXH-GASKET Yamaha  
1 Yamaha R1 6mm reverse thread nut for gearshift R1E-6mm-REV-NUT Yamaha  
1 Motul RBF600 Brake fluid MOTUL-RBF600-0.5l Motul  

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