Yamaha R1E Seat sensors

Our Yamaha R1E is fitted with unique seat sensors which measure the position of the driver. Total of 2 sensors are fitted, seat is manufactured by CRC Fairings.

Below is a graph showing the drivers seating position. Lap is in Jarama, Spain. Driver seat pressures are shown in the log as Driver Seat Pressure Left and Right.

As you can see, rider is not seating during the braking into the corner #1. Rear wheel is almost up from the ground and the rider is bouncing on the seat.

This is again Jarama, rider is entering the right hand corner leading to the front straight. Bike is leaning (47degrees) to the right, right foot is down and the rider is pressing the seat and the tank with the left leg.

Below is comparison between two different riders. Rider #1 is with Yellow/Blue , rider #2 overlay is white. 

Noticeable difference is the Right side Seat pressure, riders ride the left hand corners quite differently.

We can make these seats for you, just send us your seat or we can source the seat and send it to you directly. Contact us if you are interested on the sensors.

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Introductory Price until end of Feb 2019: 90EUR/fitted sensor.