Yamaha R1R Test day 2020

We recently had a track test day in Jerez. Temperature was hot again, 35C. Test was done together with Motorbike Magazine and the bike was piloted by their test pilot, Alvaro Guardia. Main targets for the test were to test the new ECU firmware and GPS8 Tough Pro device we have been developing during the summer.

Overall the test went really well, there were some bugs with gear shift but were correct for the second session. We lost few sessions because of accidents and oiled track.


Below are some topics we would like to highlight from the session and new items are updated daily.

GPS8 Tough Pro - GPS Antenna

Look at the picture of the bike closely and you will not find any GPS antennas. But, it is there and works well.

Below is a graph from one of the sessions and GPS data looks great. Receiver is the same as what we use in WorldSSP bikes. Michelin corner is the most challenging for the GPS in Jerez.

Amount of GPS satellites is 16, HDOP around 0.7, both values are ok and normal.

But, where is the antenna? Antenna is below the fairing and installed on the top of a grounding plate, take a look at the picture in the gallery. This is actually the secret for such a good performance...