Yamaha R1E by eTesta

Yamaha R1E Project

Project Concept

Project idea is to take a used, stock, Yamaha R1 2009 - 2014 bike and change the electronics to British SuperBike spec or better. This bike would be a perfect starter bike to get familiar and learn the modern electronics, data logging etc...

To become a succesfull racer, you can't ignore the importance of data, understanding it as early as possible. Many modern bikes have data logging, but BSB and MotoGP bikes are in totally different level.

Project Design Criteria
  • Bike is affordable and any used bike can be used to convert it.
  • ECU install can be done in less than 1 hour.
  • No wires or hoses needs to be cut during install.
  • Stock ECU can be installed back in 15 minutes, also without cutting wires.

An easy to install kit will be available when the product is ready, kit can be installed without cutting any wires and can be reversed back to stock bike with 15 minutes of work. Kit includes ECU's, wiring adapters, display and sensors.

The bike will be available for purchase when the project is complete. 

Next BSB project will be a BMW S1000RR, let us know if you are interested to participate into that project.

First, what is BSB, British SuperBikes series?

BSB motorcycles are derived from standard production models and differ only slightly from the sports bikes you see on the roads. In general the bikes must maintain the same profile as their roadgoing counterparts, with the same overall appearance as seen from the front, rear and sides. In addition, the frame cannot be modified.

Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamaha and BMW all compete in the BSB championship.

In 2012 changes were made to the regulations in an effort to bring down costs whilst at the same time improving the spectacle of competition and increasing the opportunity for private teams to compete competitively. 

More details on the series can be found from the BSB Website.

More details on the Electronics used in the series is available here: MSRV 2012 BSB Electronics. This document was prepared by Alan Bell from MoteC who is helping us with the project.

Main Partners and Sponsors:
Electronics MoTeC
Publicity Moto1Pro

Stainless steel Braking parts

and adapters

Hel Performance


Pirelli SuperBike Tyres

Engine protection parts

GP Racing

Dyno Services



We gladly accept new sponsors and partners. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have parts for the project.

Project Timeline
Item Target
Project Concept and feasibility study Approved
Basic Design Completed
Part 1: Find the motorcycle Completed

  • Fully adjustable Traction control.
  • Engine Torque control based on track sector and gear.
  • Throttle by wire.
  • Up/Down Quickshift with auto blipper
  • 2 Riding/Engine modes: A and B.
  • Stock Primary and Secondary Injectors
  • Stock Ignition coils.
  • Stock wheel speed sensors.
  • IMU: Stock 2015 - Yamaha YZF-R1M
  • Front suspension travel / Ground speed based Launch control.
  • Engine Inlet length control.
  • Lean angle / Riding Mode based slip control.
  • Fully adjustable Anti wheelie control based on gear and front suspension travel. Front/Rear suspension sensors.
  • Anti Jerk based on throttle and gear. Optionally also based on Track position from GPS.
  • Torque control during Up/Down Shift.
  • Closed loop fuel injection control with individual cylinder maps.
  • Dual Lambda for Closed Loop and optimum performance.
  • Fully adjustable Individual maps for Primary/Secondary injectors.
  • Lean angle calculation: Yamaha YZF-R1 IMU

Used Parts

  • MoTeC M130 ECU.
  • eTesta M1 Yamaha YZF-R1 Firmware Package. Created by eTesta in co-operation with MoTeC BSB engineering team. 
  • Plug & Play wiring adapter for easy install.
  • MoTeC C125 color display with Logging.
  • eTesta GPS7 Dual 50Hz GPS with LapAcc Advanced and heart rate monitoring.
  • eTesta LAM3 Dual Lambda Controller.
  • 2015 - Yamaha YZF-R1 IMU

Stay tuned for updates. Part 1: Finding the Bike is next for you to read. We found the bike from Germany, there wasn't any in Spain. 

Photo gallery can be found from here