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Notice for MoTeC M1 customers

We only support Standard MoTeC GPS module. Contact us if you have your own message format or need custom format for your application.

New products

GPSCAN MK2 100Hz Syvecs will be available soon. 100Hz GPS + Acceleration Sensor, direct replacement for Syvecs GPS. Contact us for details.


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How fast is our GPSCAN 100Hz?

Real life example of how GPSCAN 100Hz is used to control the traction using GPS Pulse output. See the latency and how it is used.


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We have GPS receivers for almost all modern ECU's, select from the list below:

Serial GPS 2D Bosch GEMS MoTeC BMW Motorrad
CAN BUS GPS Universal GPSCAN Universal RTKCAN MoTeC Bosch  
GPS Pulse

Haltech GPSCAN

See here how GPSCAN 100Hz is used with GPS Pulse

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Contact us if you don't find a product for you or have questions.