Flex GPS Antenna


There is a GPS antenna in this picture, more details here: Flex GPS Antenna



I have been working on this pDyno project for a few months now and it is time to reveal it. P in the pDyno comes from Finnish word pikkuDyno, smallDyno. The goal was that the system has to fit into the trunk of my BMW 320d and I'm happy to say that it fits.

All design factors in the order of importance:
1. Small, has to fit to the trunk. Done.
2. It had to work with normal car 12V battery. Done.
3. Everything has to be CAN bus based. Done.
4. Integrated to the MoTeC M1 ECU firmware. Done. 
5. The system has to be able to work with cars as hub dyno, engine only or chain driven for motorcycle use.

I will be revealing more details daily so follow us to see what is going on. Device is in working prototype phase and is working as designed. Production and deliveries will start in September. 
Contact us if you are interested in learning more details.

Crash Warranty

We will give you a new GPSL20 or GPSCAN device even in case of a crash. Learn more here.


Introducing - GPSCAN.

MoTeC M1 system compatible Plug & Play GPS with serial output. Learn more from here: GPSCAN.

Introducing - GPSL20/25 HA, High Accuracy.

GPSL20 is now called GPSL20/25 SA. SA = Standard accuracy, about 2m accuracy. It has now a more accurate relative, called GPSL20/25 HA, High Accuracy. Take a look here what is different: GPSL20/25 SA/HA.

GPSl20/25 HA - High Accuracy

Available: Now, Contact us to order or for more details and specification.

Available in September:

Following devices will be available starting September: