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Next Production Run for GPS devices

February production is now sold. Reserve yours from March production, order deadline 20.2.

New products

CANEXP product line

With CANEXP products you can add inputs easily into your CAN network. Take a look here.

SENCAN - Sensor To CAN

Connect 2 sensors and 2 switches easily to CAN bus. More details here

Display Product Line

Display line will be announced shortly and available for pre-order. Pricing starts from 550EUR for 5" display up to 12" under 1700EUR. Compatible with all CAN based ECU's, including MoTeC M1.

Displays are touch capable, equipped with several I/O's, 2 x CAN bus. Display can be controlled even with racing gloves or pages can be changed with a push button.

Displays are configured directly using the touch screen and no PC tools are needed to configure it. All MoTeC M1 messages can be configured from the screen.

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How fast is our GPSCAN 100Hz?

Real life example of how GPSCAN 100Hz is used to control the traction using GPS Pulse output. See the latency and how it is used.


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We have GPS receivers for almost all modern ECU's, select from the list below:

Serial GPS 2D Bosch GEMS MoTeC BMW Motorrad
CAN BUS GPS Universal GPSCAN Universal RTKCAN MoTeC Bosch  
GPS Pulse

Haltech GPSCAN

See here how GPSCAN 100Hz is used with GPS Pulse

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