Flex GPS Antenna

I have been working on this on and off for a while. Idea was born while back from watching MotoGP and other motorcycle series. I have been wondering why there are no smaller antennas available. Typically there is an antenna belonging to the team and series organizers antennas for location and timing.

The weight of the antenna is 1gr and 0.1mm thick. Antenna can be covered with your favorite sticker.

I have made few prototypes along the way. The system is now almost final and ready for production. Limited deliveries are planned to start in September after summer vacations.

Standard vs Flex Antenna


Antenna consists of 2 parts:

  • Flex antenna
  • Amplifier


Antenna itself is a sticker that can be installed on any ABS plastic surface. Antenna can be covered with your favorite sticker, antenna element is replaceable in case of an accident.

In addition to the size, other advantage is that the antenna is tuned to work with ABS plastic and ground plane is not needed.

Amplifier can be installed under the fairing. Amplifier is 15mm x 15mm x 1mm thick.

Test results

Test is done with 2 separate GPSL20 SA receivers and logged with MoTeC C125 display logger.

Flex antenna: GPS ... channels

Standard Antenna: GPS...L20 channels

Satelites used

Test route was 84mins long and contains highway, open areas and mountain areas.

  Flex Standard
Average sats 22 22
Maximum sats 33 35

Average is the same for both but standard has 2 more in one area. Winner is Standard antenna but Flex is very good and close.

Track accuracy, roof test

Red = Flex antenna

Blue = Standard antenna

Track accuracy, 50deg tilted

Track accuracy, mountain route

Zoom in

Antenna will be available for free with all eTesta 100Hz receivers and works with any GPS receiver. 

First motorcycle test


Contact us for more details, pricing and reserve yours as availability will be limited for first units and 10 units will be built.